wholesale direct pricing

Hot Tub "Expo" with only 1 dealer?  Find out how Hot Tubs Ottawa destroys "Expo" pricing!


5.  Be Informed:

We have a super low overhead business model which saves you thousands over the high overhead of the expo.  Because there is only 1 company selling at the expo, you can't shop around and compare prices and offers so how could you possibly be getting a deal?  Read our BUYING GUIDE here and learn how to save money in a confusing industry!

2.  The Expo is EXPENSIVE to assemble:

To rent the venue and advertise costs 30,000-80,000+ dollars.  All that overhead is paid for by adding it to the price of the hot tubs & swimspas!


You will be pressured because if you don't buy at the expo, the salesperson doesn't make a commission.  Why aren't there prices on any of the tubs???  Oh yeah, the salespeople will have to "pad you up" by showing you ridiculously high prices nobody has ever paid and then "slash" them to show you the "deal" you're getting.  

1.  Hot Tubs Ottawa is Local:

If you buy a hot tub or swimspa at the "expo" you are buying from an out of town dealer, NOT a local business, good luck trying to get service and parts from a company located at the other end of the Province!  We didn't spend any money to travel to Ottawa because we are located IN OTTAWA.


It's ridiculously easy to beat "expo" pricing because we didn't pay a ridiculous amount of money to rent a venue/pay for advertising/fly in sales reps etc.  Also we post all of our pricing as we're not afraid of them because we know they are so LOW!  We know they are the lowest in the city and we're not afraid of them!  Check out our prices HERE