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Which Hot Tub do you think is easier to repair and costs less to maintain???

Rodent damage in a hot tub that isn't properly sealed:

Competitors full foam tub with leak:

When looking at hot tubs make sure the upper edge where the cabinet meets the acrylic is sealed by trying to fit your fingers into the gap, if they do you're in for trouble down the road.

Bees in a hot tub that isn't properly sealed:

Don't believe that it's important to have a hot tub that is completely sealed? Read a text from one of our service customers that has a hot tub from one of our competitors!

under acrylic "lip"

Sealing of upper lip:  This is VERY important in insulating a hot tub.  If you reach up under the acrylic lip from the outside and can feel inside the tub this means you will lose a LOT of heat in the winter!  It doesn't matter how your house is insulated if you leave the window open?