Typically not, hot tubs have about the same pounds/sq foot as your footprint.  The weight of the hot tub is distributed over a large area so most decks can support it, however if this is a big concern of yours you may want to talk to an engineer.

All hot tubs clean themselves but there is some upkeep involved.  Typically you will add your chemicals once/week, clean the filter (s) once/month and replace them once/month and you will change the water every 3 or 4 months (3-4 times per year).  Beyond that there's no maintenance, you don't have to oil the pumps etc, it's kind of like your fridge, you don't have to worry about it unless it breaks down.

Hot tubs are delivered on their side so we typically only need 40" of width to get one into your yard and can even deliver in spaces as narrow as 34" depending on model.  Our delivery crew will put the hot tub exactly where you want facing the direction you want.  If for any reason you are concerned there is not enough space to get a hot tub into your back yard we can come out to perform a site inspection to see if a crane is needed and if it is we can get you a quote.

Your prices are so low you must be selling cheap hot tubs?

Not necessarily, you can put the hot tub on a deck, cement pad or a crushed stone/patio stone base.  Under no circumstance should a hot tub just be put on the ground.  There is a manufacturer that says their tub can go right on the ground with no ground prep and this is absolutely false and you should check with the manufacturer warranty as some state that they have to go on a cement base for warranty.

What does a swimspa delivery entail?

Can I connect it with natural gas?

How much electricity with the hot tub use?

No, no, no, no.  Health Canada has banned sodium bromide, you may still find some in the industry pushing sodium chloride but either way salt systems are great for pools, they don't work and are very corrosive in hot tubs.

What about a salt system in my hot tub?

Do I need to reinforce my deck?

Does the price include installation?

No, there is nothing to "install" with a hot tub.  Unless it is a 110v plug in model you will however need to contact an electrician to have it wired into your electrical panel.  If needed we can refer you to several electricians that can quote your wiring.  The plumbing is entirely self contained and you just fill the hot tub with a hose.

wholesale direct pricing

Most people just can't wrap their head around how much overhead affects the cost of a hot tub.  Our hot tubs have all the same high end components of any hot tub you will see in the market (balboa/waterway pumps, balboa computers, Lucite/Aristech acrylic) and if you look at our features page you will see they are phenomenally well built.  If you want to shop in a big showroom you will pay for it.

There is no accurate answer for this question and anybody that gives you one is lying to you.  Imagine someone telling you that the car they are selling is only going to use $30 in gas/month (how much do you drive, 100km/month or 100km/day, it depends).  

You have to look at how the hot tub is insulated, the design and thickness of the cover and if the hot tub recovers any ambient heat from the pumps, those items will tell you if it's more efficient or less efficient.

Does the hot tub run all the time?

Do I need to put the hot tub on a cement pad?

What does a hot tub delivery entail?

How much maintenance is there?

Hot tubs have 2 forms of filtration, 1 is with a dedicated circulation pump that runs 24/7 or a primary pump that runs on low speed typically 2 hours twice per day.

No, and it wouldn't be worth the cost of converting it.  The largest energy user on a hot tub are the pumps which are electric so the savings of a gas heater wouldn't be worth the expense.

Swimspas are more complicated to deliver but we have experience delivering hundreds of them so we can make sure we can get the swimspa you want in the location you want.  For a swimspa we will come out and perform a site inspection and provide a quote for a crane delivery if needed.  See video below of a swimspa we delivered in Kanata: