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What to Expect from Swimming Pool Installation

​Installing a swimming pool is a multi-step process. You'll lead the layout and design process – with our
guidance. Usually, we need measurements of the yard so that we can make informed recommendations.
From there, our team works quickly enough to finish the pool in time for summer – without cutting
corners or performing shoddy work. The process includes the following steps over six to 12 weeks:
 Digging: We use industrial equipment to excavate the grass and dirt. Usually, it takes around
two days to dig the hole and up to a week to secure permits.
 Steel Installation: In the third week, we bend and shape the steel that will form your swimming
pool's structural basis.
 Plumbing & Electrical: Over the next week, our builders install crucial plumbing and electrical
elements, including the circulation system, filters, the powering that controls jets, and more.
 Shotcrete: In the next three days, we pour pressurized concrete in shape according to your
specifications. The three-day timetable includes the time it takes for the shotcrete to dry.
 Tile & Decking: Your swimming pool begins to resemble a pool starting now. During this phase,
we install tiling around the pool according to the design. It takes around a week to complete.
 Interior Finishing: Next, we spend approximately three days finishing the interior of the pool.
This process includes directing pressurized concrete and applying concrete. Immediately after
the finish, we add the water.
 Start-Up and Testing: During this phase, we test all aspects of the pool, from the chlorine levels
to the hydro-jets. We do not leave until we confirm everything is 100% functional.

Our Collaborative Installation Process Works for You:

​At Hot Tubs Ottawa, we make the pool installation process fun. You’ll enjoy watching us throughout the
process. We keep you up-to-date on every step and inform you about any unexpected roadblocks and
how we solve the problem. Contact us today to learn more about our process.

Cost-Effective Inground Pools in Ottawa, ON

At Hot Tubs Ottawa, we work hard to win your business by delivering outstanding customer service and
high-quality inground pools. Ottawa, ON residents have come to trust us for our honesty, reliability, and
commitment to excellence. We have low overhead costs, and we pass the savings onto you, the
customer. An inground pool is a wonderful addition to any home, so contact us to get started. A
member of our staff will work with you to create an action plan.


Send us your contact details and we can have a specialist contact you discuss your project and if you like what we have to offer the specialist will come for a site inspection to determine your needs.


Enjoy the Many Benefits of Installing A Swimming Pool

Owning a pool has numerous benefits. Some of them are obvious, such as sun-drenched pool parties
with friends and families. Most of our customers are aware that installing a pool will dramatically
increase their property’s value. But there are other advantages of inground pools. Parents can make
their children comfortable in the water. Swimming is also excellent exercise for those who have joint