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Hot Tubs Ottawa Inc is primarily a Hot Tub repair, service and maintenance provider.  We do sell hot tubs direct to the consumer and service what we sell to provide outstanding pricing on 5 star rated hot tubs.  All of our Hot Tubs & Swimspas come with full manufacturers warranty that we provide service for.  We can't publish our manufacturers names due to our very low pricing as they sell to many retailers across North America that couldn't sustain a business with the low margins that our customers enjoy (this is referred to as MAP pricing which is minimum advertised pricing and we sell way below this minimum).  Of course if you come in or call we can tell you the brands we carry and we have lots of brochures, we just can't advertise them.  Also, we are able to tell you who makes our components and as you can see by the list on the right they are the best in the industry.

Once your order is placed, if desired, we will send a specialist to your home to advise on delivery and positioning of the hot tub.  Also, when your spa is delivered and hooked up/running we can advise you on the use of the hot tub and starter kit.  We do have electricians and other trades that we work with that we'd be happy to connect you with if you aren't sure which one to call.  

Some spas are in stock in some colours so the turnaround can be as quick as 2-3 days but may be as long as 3-6 weeks depending upon availability and production times.  We offer delivery for all Hot Tubs and Swim Spas or if you're adventurous and want to do it yourself that is also an option.   Our prices are cash discounted so if you want to pay by credit card the 2.9% charge that we are charged for accepting credit cards will be added to the price.  

We are located in Ottawa and are available Monday-Friday 9-3:30 and evenings and weekends by appointment and 24/7 for service at 613-276-7504.  Our service business exists due to the amount of people that won't call the store they bought their tub from, don't make the same mistake they did.