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ASTM F 1346-91 73RF label for bylaw permit approval.

Cover Rock-it lifter installation video

Quick Tips Video

Bluetooth audio system

STEP #3  Plug wifi unit into port indicated on Step #2.  Be careful to plug it in straight as to not bend/damage any pins.

Balboa 50350 WIFI installation

Hot Tub Jet Replacement

STEP #5  Download BWG app and connect to your hot tub.

Topside Display icons

STEP #4  Replace front cover of spa pack securely and turn power back on at the breaker

STEP #7  ENJOY your hot tub!

Topside Control Programming Video

Pairing Tips Video

STEP #2  Remove front panel of pack and look on back to confirm location of wifi port

Quick Tips Videos

Choose the reference card for the control that matches the one on your hot tub.

Swim Coach Step by Step

Adjusting, removing/installing Hot Tub Jets

How To Use Wifi Video

Hot tubs ottawa k=1001 topside control instructions
in.touch 2 techbook

Hot Tub Fuses--Easy way to Test.

WaterWay Wifi unit Installation:  Plugs into JP18 (4 pin) as pictured, (make sure Gfci is turned off prior to opening spa pack and do not turn on until pack is closed and installation complete). 

Follow instruction guide and note that the Wifi antenna must not be placed near motors or other electronics that may interfere with signal.  If signal strength is not strong enough you may have to install the wifi antenna in the cabinet of the spa and if so, a 2 3/4" hole saw will be required.

STEP #6  Mount module inside hot tub.  DO NOT remove adhesive backing until you have confirmed the location has a clear signal with your router prior to permanently securing it.  Make sure it is in the "up" position.

STEP #1  Turn off power to hot tub at the breaker