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132" x 91" x 52"


Number of jets 29
River jets 2
Water fountain+control valve 3
Air valve 4
Water diverter 2
Circulation pump 1 x Gecko Circ
River Jet pumps 2 x 5hp, 2.5'' connection
Jet Pumps               1 x 5hp, 2'' connection
Control pads Gecko YE-5 & IN.K1000
LED master light 3
Perimeter LED light+LED cupholder 26+3
Frame Aluminum frame
Frame Insulation Included
Bottom tray 8mm fiberglass board
Filtration 2 X 50sf
Knife valves: Pumps and controllers
Floor Insulation:  Included
LED's:  Perimeter, Controls, Cup Holder, exterior and corners


The Spa Dragon Protection System:  $799
Stereo, Bluetooth with 4 speakers: $799
Swim Tether and Rowing Kit:  $599

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